The IntekDMS team welcomes you to peruse through the profiles of our innovative, creative and dedicated professionals.


Prime Areas: Motivation, Personal Growth, Sales, Character Building, Organizational development, Cross Cultural Communication, Negotiations, Leadership and Business Expansion areas & HR.

Haseeb started IntekDMS with the vision to assist people and organizations improve their visibility in the online world.

Haseeb believes that the face of marketing has changed bringing new challenges and opportunities.

Specializing in the strategic development of business models for online ventures; his focus is on consumer engagement, commerciality, and revenue stream identification.

Haseeb brings, over 25 years of experience in the corporate world, covering diversified cultures and industries. He is recognized as a “sought after” speaker, trainer and advisor across different culture where he operates.

Apart from trainings and life coaching, Haseeb is currently writing his book, “Breaking the Success Barrier” which is scheduled to be published by end of this year.

Haseeb believes that if you are a business professional with either personal projection in mind or organizational marketing, you need to attend this 2-hour on “How can you benefit from Social Media?” being organized by JCCI. Please visit profile on Linkedin to learn more about HaseebT.

Sameer Abdur Rehman

Sameer is the CEO of Xplore Solutions, a company specializing in providing innovative solutions, ensuring business objectives are met through by having an effective online presence. Over the years Sameer and his team have ensured that an online presence serves the purpose businesses are created for.

Sameer has written articles about online presence. He has been invited to various seminars and workshops to talk about how businesses can utilize the internet effectively to achieve their business goals.

Recently Sameer shared a stage with Ron Holland, one of UK’s top most entrepreneur and mentor. Combined with Sameer’s business sense and knack of identifying manual processes that can be combined to online functions is an exciting prospect for anyone wanting to learn about the digital age.

Lawrence Lartey

Lawrence Lartey is the director and co-founder of Pure Online Genius & You Report Ltd. and the Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Xplore Solutions, UK. Prior to his directorships, Lawrence progressed a New Media career spanning eleven years where his knowledge and skills were highly valued by various organizations including InfoSpace Inc, Deal Group Media and DoubleClick.

Specializing in the strategic development of business models for online ventures; his focus is on consumer engagement, commerciality, and revenue stream identification.

Being a skilled public speaker and workshop trainer, Lawrence has a passion for teaching others, especially the youth. He is regularly invited to sit on panels at educational seminars and business events alike to share his knowledge of New Media.

Hany Mwafy

Hany is a Middle East marketing veteran, he is the Middle East Managing Director of Brand Finance plc. And the Middle East Director for Cambridge Marketing College.

He brings 20+ years of experience in marketing, brands and innovation on both levels of strategy and execution.

His hands-on experience spans EMEA and AsiaPac across products and services having worked on projects in FMCG, Personal and Health care,Telecom, Financial and Banking, Retail, Government and National projects to name a few.

He is expert in business transformation and growth acceleration through game changing marketing, innovation and brand programs.

Hany was the managing director of Nielsen NA, ExCo member of AsiaPacific, India, Middle East and Africa, member of the global communication team and worked on the innovation agenda for Nielsen.

Prior to that Hany worked for BP in transformational marketing positions across upstream and down stream, he was a member of the global brand team and contributed to the global development of BP brand and was a key member in BP marketing and sales academy. Before that he was the middle east marketing manager for California Garden, marketing operations and brand manager for Unilever and Business Manager Nivea though started his early career in industrial sales.