Customer – Kentessa, UAE (established in 2009, a year after Dubai’s recession)

Website/s –,,

Time FrameMarch 2010 till March 2013

Objective – Help strengthen the brand image of ‘’ as, “The one-stop-shop for online gift buyers in UAE” with specific measurable Return on Investment in dollar terms, through SEO, SEM, Social Media Platforms.

Success Mechanisms – The right proficiency in keyword research and analysis and creative insights into local online buying trends. Converting their fears into a delightful experience was the main focus of this campaign. The ease of forwarding gifts to relationships resides at the core of the new campaign. Success was achieved through SEO, SEM and Social Media Platforms. Please visit to witness its online magic and user-friendliness approach of assisting your needs through an “Easy Cart System”. Establishing Kentessa as the number one site in UAE for Online Gift Shopping.

Introduction & Customer Background

Currently, Kentessa is the largest online gifts retailer in the UAE. It gained popularity very fast in the fast two years with proven, “Most Progressive Portal in UAE” status. The company is one-of-a-kind enterprise that provides door-to-door delivery of over 1,000 products throughout the UAE. The company provides flowers, luxury chocolates, cakes & cupcakes, fruit baskets, perfumes, gift certificates among several other gift categories. Kentessa is an authorized online representative of brands such as Patchi Chocolate, Swarovski, Bulgari to name a few. It also delivers perishable gifts in its company operated fleet of temperature-controlled across the UAE, and is now expanding to the entire GCC markets. Kentessa was ranked highest in ‘online gift category ‘ dealing directly with the consumers (end user). Check them out yourself at and witness the magnitude of their business now.

The Challenge

Kentessa started its online gift shop in 2009. Despite having a wide range of products, generating traffic to their site was a big challenge. Maintaining a heavy inventory without sustainable sales was a constant test for the Kentessa management. The company owners themselves including their wives were involved in shipping and logistics ensuring a remarkable world class customer service system in UAE, which exceeded its customer expectations. Which is did and this is their success story.

Kentessa contacted IntekDMS in 2010 for an overall appraisal of their current ranking and the reasons for the lack of buyer’s interest in their online gift shop. A campaign agreement was agreed upon for 6 months and later continued for a 3 year period, with 2 years already passed.

An initial report was shared with the management at Kentessa (which, with their permission is reproduced below). The ‘keyword ranking’ status of most critical keywords, before the digital marketing strategy by IntekDMS, was as follows:

SEO example: 

Key Words & Ranking in 2010
Key Words Ranking
Online Shopping in Dubai Not in the top 200
Flower Gifts Not in the top 200
Perfume in UAE Not in the top 200
Birthday Gifts Not in the top 200
Gifts in UAE Not in the top 200
Chocolate Delivery Not in the top 200
Online Gift Shop Not in the top 200









Kentessa initially came to IntekDMS on a 6 month trial period. IntekDMS was still a small operation then. Some of the main ‘SEO challenges’ faced by IntekDMS team, were:

  • Short time frame of the campaign
  • Regional competition on the selected keywords
  • Issues with prompt optimization of web pages
  • Poor site ranking
  • Lack of cultural habits of UAE for online ordering (specially not long after the recession of 2008)


  • To improve the traffic generation to the website
  • Keyword research for maximum exposure
  • Retain the top 10 ranking in Google research
  • Clean, optimized website design
  • Analyzing online marketing trends.
  • Increased traffic means increased profits (ROI)
  • To increase engagement with the direct buyers


  1. Market Analysis
  2. Defining Target Audience Demographics
  3. Defining the Target Region
  4. Site Architecture ( More user friendly)
  5. Keyword Rich Text
  6. Link Popularity / Quality Back links


IntekDMS was successful in generating more traffic to through systematic SEO strategies. In the first six months of the campaign, the business growth was 64%. By the mid 2011 the growth rate was 150%. Since then Kentessa has essentially doubled their revenues and are constantly expanding to other regions. They started with a 5 employee company in 2009, and have 30 employees as of April, 2012. The Key word ranking in April 2012 is:

Key Words & Ranking
Key Words Ranking
Online Shopping in Dubai 1
Flower Gifts 2
Perfume in UAE 3
Birthday Gifts 1
Gifts in UAE 1
Chocolate Delivery 3
Online Gift Shop 1

Intek Solutions, the parent training company ( of IntekDMS, is also responsible for training Kentessa’s motivated and committed professionals on subjects such as Leadership, Management Skills, Customer Service essentials, CRM and Emotional Intelligence.

We, at Intek, are proud to have Kentessa, as our biggest achievement so far.

Bravo to Kentessa Family!

Kentessa Clients