B2C Online Communications Case Study


Group NBT plc is a leading provider of domain names and internet-related services. Established in 1995, the company has registered hundreds of thousands of domain names and hosts tens of thousands of websites. Group NBT’s clients come from many industries and include well-known companies such as British Airways, The New Statesman and Centrica. A key component of the group’s commercial portfolio is Easily.co.uk, a top UK provider of cost effective web hosting and domain name services to UK consumers and SME businesses

IntekDMS was selected to develop and manage an online B2C communications strategy for Easily.co.uk


To establish Easily.co.uk as an industry “thought leader” and “consumer champion” through the use of strategic digital marketing strategies

Pain Points

The domain name registration business is inherently boring in the eyes of the consumer, post-purchase; the public has no need or desire to engage with brands


To employ a technique called “Persona Mapping” in every stage of the design and branding process. A “Persona” represents their archetypal visitor and they’re hypothetical behaviour and goals.  Personas give a summary of the characteristics, needs, motivations and environment of your typical domain name registrant. These personas were mapped out during the branding process to help give context and depth to the campaign.

1. Branding

Make the Easily brand more consumer friendly and engaging

2. Placement

Google – FaceBook – YouTube – Twitter – Linkedin – Blogs

3. Marketing

An overriding “In-Bound” marketing strategy, directing relevant traffic to the Various Easily branded online assets to engage with the brand

4. Assets

1. Videos
2. Articles
3. Blogs
4. Viral Game

5. Mechanisms

1. SEO
2. Micro Blogs (Twitter)
3. Video Distribution (Tube Mogul)
4. Email Newsletters

Objectives – audience awareness – evangelism – sales

Extend the message that “There’s more to Easily.co.uk than just domain names”

  1. Raise awareness of ancillary services
  2. Engage with customers
  3. Increase brand loyalty
  4. Improve SE positioning
  5. Support business case for campaign extension
  6. ROI

“Stuff you didn’t know about the Internet”


Viral Game (www.FarWestGame.com)


  • 40% uplift in online sales
  • SEO + Social Media generates an average of £8,400 per month in sales